You’ve Got to Love the Vibes From Rafatu & Rahim’s Pre-wedding Shoot

One sweet thing about love – it can’t be hidden! When we love someone, everything about us reflects it. From the sparkle in our eyes to how our faces light up at the sight of them. Nothing compares to the feeling when you find the one your heart beats for.

Rafatu and Rahim are a testament to this truth with their pre-wedding photos. Having found love in each other, the adorable pair took on the decision to move things to the next level and get officially hitched! We’re simply loving on all the photos from their pre-wedding shoot.  The exquisite vibes from their outfits is definitely one to admire and their chemistry is simply off the roof. From the look in their eyes, we sure don’t need a soothsayer to tell us how smitten they are by each other.

Check out all the beautiful photos from their pre-wedding shoot below:



Photography: @Jema_photography| @blackeyeconceptgh

Culled from Bellanaija