Sponsorships & Adverts

Welcome, If you would love for The COOL House to promote your Products and services we have 4 established mediums through which we can happily do that for you send an email to us via info@tchcool.com, you can also whatsapp us +447309400022. We have over 80,000 active listeners on a monthly basis and we run over 400 platforms a month.

Our Adverts and Sponsorship Platforms
1. Partner with us on Clubhouse, we are the largest community of Black People, the largest African Owned Club and the most diverse Club. Email us for our rate info@tchcool.com, you can also whatsapp us +447309400022
2. Partner and Promote with us on our Instagram & Twitter Pages
3. Advertise on our Blog
4. Advertise your Products and Services at our Various Events