About Us

The Cool House (TCH)

The Cool House is a lifestyle media company aimed at optimising socio-economic, geo-political and lifestyle outcomes for our members across the globe. At the cool house  we are transforming the world through the Power of Digital Communities. We  are all about impacting lives and making lives beautiful. The Cool currently has the largest network of Africans and Black People on the largest audio app @Clubhouse. Our founder Ife has been featured on Guardian’s  50 most impactful voices in Africa and on Technext .

Our Core Values

The culture of any community is defined by its core values. At The Cool House we are making Lives beautiful.  The acronym for our core values is LIVES.

L-Love because our community is born out of love for humanity and love for one another.

I- Integrity because our word is our bond.

V-Visionary because we believe in a better tomorrow for every human and wish for everyone to dream big.

E-Empathy because we put ourselves in the shoes of others, to promote mutual respect for one another we put ourselves in the shoes of others.

S-Sacrifice because as a community we go out of our comfort zone to create a better life for humanity through our dedication and hard work.


Our Vision & Mission 

Mission: We aim to use the power of media and community engagement to create change and harness socioeconomic and geopolitical opportunities for our members across the globe.

Vision: To be the most impactful digital community in the world. Our 250 by 2050 Vision, aims to impact 250 million lives by 2050 via our various media and community engagement channels.


The Cool House Channels

  1. TCH Website & Community Groups- Curating a vibrant Cool House Community: Our vibrant Cool House community is very much in sync with our core values. The Cool House tchcool.com is the home of our community of over 30,000 people of diverse background across the globe. The community facilitates 10 main Community groups. A member can benefit from any of the community groups. The community groups are also known as directorates they have been instituted to make real life impact and to facilitate the much needed conversations to transform lives. Each of the directorate is led by Community Directors who oversee the real life impact of these directorates/groups. Each directorate consist of 2 to more subgroups/categories.
    1. TCH Community Media and Entertainment Group
    2. TCH Community Investments & Finance Directorate Group
    3. TCH Community Education, Professional & Career Development Group
    4. TCH Community Healthcare & Wellbeing Group
    5. TCH Community Personal Development & Religion
    6. TCH Community Business, Entrepreneurship & Tech Group
    7. TCH Community International Development & Geo-politics Group
    8. TCH Community Building & Development Group
    9. TCH Francophone Community Group
    10. TCH Oversight
  1. Cool House Media: The cool house media consist of our avenues for conversing with the community and making real life impact. We engage the community via the following means:
    1. Blog
    2. Newsletters
    3. Clubhouse platform: Promotion of robust, intellectual and intentional conversations
    4. Social Media-Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Linkedin and Twitter platforms
    5. Podcast
    6. Youtube
    7. Cool House Radio & TV
  1. Cool House Market: To enable our entrepreneurs and vendors make income and sell to an audience across the globe. (Product & Service Based).
  1. Cool House Job Board: This is to enable members of the community have access to job opportunities from across the globe and also ensure recruiters and business owners within our community have access to talents from across the globe. The job board is closely linked to the community education and career group.
  1. Cool House Events: At the cool house we run various events for members physically and virtually. Some of these events are also facilitated by our members and we make these events happen.
  1. Cool House Partnerships: We collaborate and work with various organisations to make lives beautiful. TCH partnerships is in charge of facilitating various forms of partnerships which are geared towards impacting humanity and increasing awareness & visibility for organisations across the globe.