Clubhouse Drama: Community Founder Takes Action Against Rule-Breaker

In every community, there are rules that everyone should follow. This is also true for the Clubhouse app and whatsapp communities, where communities are formed based on shared interests and values. However, what happens when someone breaks those rules and disrupts the peace of the community?

This is the situation that a community founder named Ife faced recently. Ife created a community on Clubhouse for members to come together and support each other and she subsequently created a whatsapp group specifically for bbnaija fans. As the founder, Ife established clear rules of engagement for the community, which included not messaging members outside of the community without their consent.

Unfortunately, a member of the community named TK ignored these rules and began randomly messaging women on the app outside of the community. When one of the women named Dra didn’t show interest in TK, he became hostile towards her in the community chat, constantly insulting her. The community moderators decided to remove TK from the group as a consequence of his actions.

However, the drama didn’t end there. TK later targeted another group created by Ife and he continued to disregard the rules by messaging about six women outside of the group, which made them uncomfortable. As a result, Ife and the moderators removed him from the new group as well.

Ife raised awareness on TK pattern on clubhouse. Despite the clear rules established by Ife and the moderators, some members of the community who had previous grudges against Ife started making false accusations against her, causing a divide among the mainstream clubhouse community. However, Ife remained steadfast and emphasized that the issue at hand was TK’s disregard for the rules and the safety of the community members.

In conclusion, Ife’s swift action in removing TK from the community shows that rules should be taken seriously, and that everyone should be held accountable for their actions. By enforcing the rules and protecting the safety of the community, Ife has shown strong leadership and commitment to the well-being of the members. It is important for everyone in the Clubhouse community to follow the established rules and maintain a respectful environment for all.