Are Tiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa No Longer BFFs? Inside their Alleged Friendship Fallout!

Once upon a time, Toke and Tiwa were inseparable, their bond as strong as any could be in the glitzy world of glamour and fame. Toke, then single, would often accompany Tiwa on her romantic sojourns to meet her boyfriend. Little did they know that these trips would spin a tale of love, heartbreak, and strained friendships.

During these travels, Toke found herself drawn to Hope, a close friend of Tiwa’s boyfriend. Their romance blossomed, and before long, Toke was deeply entrenched in the relationship, viewing herself in a committed, almost matrimonial role with Hope.

Cutiejuls posted the story about hope a while back. Find below:

This picture-perfect story, however, hit a rocky patch when Hope crossed paths with another woman, known as ‘Omo Governor’ or Nikosbabii.

Hope and Nikosbabi’s connection was instant and powerful, leaving Toke grappling with heartbreak. In her despair, she directed her anger and disappointment towards Tiwa. She believed that it was Tiwa’s boyfriend who had initially shown interest in Nikosbabi, leading to a cascade of events that ended her relationship with Hope.

Toke made desperate attempts to win back Hope’s affections, even resorting to altering her appearance. But Hope’s heart was firmly set on Nikosbabi. This shift in dynamics triggered a rift between the once-close friends, Toke and Tiwa. Toke felt hurt and betrayed that Tiwa’s relationship remained intact while her own love story crumbled.

In her anguish, Toke expected Tiwa to sever her relationship in solidarity. When this did not happen, she began distancing herself from Tiwa, blaming her for her heartbreak. The bitterness seeped into her social media interactions, where she started dropping indirect criticisms of Tiwa. Additionally, she began speaking unfavorably about Tiwa to her ex.

Disclaimer: The authenticity of this gist can’t be confirmed. It was culled from cutiejuls on instagram