[Video]Passenger arrested for opening plane door mid-flight in South Korea

A man who was sitting in an emergency seat opened the door of an Asiana Airlines jet as it was coming in to land in Daegu, South Korea. Company officials told CNN the plane landed safely. Twelve people suffered minor injuries from hyperventilation and nine of them have been sent to hospitals in Daegu.

A pulse-po¥nding video footage apparently taken by a person on board and posted on social media showed passengers’ hair being whipped about by air rushing into the cabin. The unexpected opening caused some passengers to s¥ffer breathing difficulties, and nine people were taken to hospital after the landing, Asiana said, adding there were no major inj¥ries or d@mage.

It is reported that the police have arrested the unidentified person who opened the door and his motive was unclear.

Culled from CNN