Here’s what life is like right now for Tony Lanez inside Los Angeles County Jail … he’s being held away from general population and only gets a few hours a day outside his cell.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … Tory is being held in what’s called the administrative segregation unit, which is for inmates who cannot be safely housed with the rest of the folks behind bars.

With that, Tory is only allowed out of his cell for 2 hours a day … and for those 120 minutes, he’s by himself.

We’re told he is allowed to get some fresh air during recreation time, but that’s only for 3 hours each week.

This is the status quo for Tory as he waits to get shipped out of county jail for prison … remember, the judge just sentenced him to a decade behind bars after being found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

We’re told Tory will be on the move within the next month, when he will be transferred to an intake center … and that’s when California will reveal which prison he’ll be calling home for the duration of his sentence.

In the meantime, we’re told jail staff is checking on Tory every 30 minutes … as they do with all the inmates in administrative segregation, and he’s able to load up on goodies at the commissary.

We’re told whatever Tory buys from the commissary — snacks, soap, etc. — goes with him to the big house, as well as any money he has on the books.

Tory’s vowed to appeal, and said he won’t apologize to Meg … but this is his life for the time being.

✍️ TMZ