Pregnant lady, Blessing Godday arrested for allegedly stabbing farmer over stolen plantain

A pregnant woman identified as Blessing Godday, 32, has been arrested by the Rivers State Police Command for allegedly stabbing another woman, Imeran Idema, to death over a bunch of plantains.

The incident occurred in the Adada community in the Abua/Odual Local Government Area of the state.

According to reports, Godday, a mother of nine, allegedly stole the plantains from Idema’s family plantation while looking for food for her children. When confronted by Idema, who was guarding the plantation, an argument broke out; the situation later escalated as Godday refused to return the stolen plantains.

Sources claim that Idema attempted to stop Godday with a machete, leading to a physical altercation. 

During the struggle, Godday allegedly inflicted two fatal machete wounds on Idema’s head and shoulder before fleeing the scene.

“Mrs. Imeran Idema, machete in hand, immediately accosted her (Blessing) and asked her to surrender the bunch of plantain,” the witness said.

“‘Drop that plantain,’ Imeran shouted as she approached Blessing, who also had a sharp machete with which she had illegally harvested the bunch of plantain.

“Instead, Blessing bolted towards another exit. Imeran ran after her, and she grabbed the fleeing woman and threatened to use the machete on her.

“Blessing then stopped running and faced her (Imeran). An altercation ensued, which led to Imeran landing a blow on Blessing’s right foot.”

“Blessing then dropped the bunch and launched vicious attacks with her own machete. She hit out with the machete, inflicting two cuts on Imeran’s head and shoulder.

“Imeran collapsed in pain, and Blessing quickly left the scene, abandoning the bunch of plantain and fled.”

The source added that, following an investigation, the police apprehended Blessing, who was later released for medical treatment due to an injury sustained during the confrontation. 

However, after learning of Idema’s death, authorities arrested her again.

The spokesperson for the Rivers State Police Command, Grace Iringe-Koko, who confirmed the incident and the suspect’s arrest, stating, “Yes, I can confirm the incident. The woman was arrested, and the matter has been charged in court.”

Culled from The Guardian