Police officers extort N1.5m from young man in Lagos

Popular human rights activist, Harrison Gwaminishu, has narrated how corrupt police officers extorted N1.5m from a young Nigerian in Lagos.

Sharing the story on Instagram Harrison Gwaminishu said he helped the young man recover the money.

The incident unfolded when the victim was apprehended by the police and coerced into making a false confession, implicating himself as a member of a fraudulent syndicate. Disturbingly, the officers recorded a video of the coerced confession and threatened to release it on social media if the victim failed to comply with their demands.

Adding insult to injury, the officers confiscated the victim’s phone and transferred the illicitly obtained 1.5 million naira to an identified POS MoniePoint account which subsequent investigations revealed to be linked to the police squad involved.

He wrote: “Who noticed I don’t post about police cases anymore? Well, I have handled several, recovered millions and I decided not to go on social media. It wasn’t because of fear or threat. I needed a break.

“But yesterday, something happened in Lagos state.

“Yesterday, through phone calls, I successfully recovered 1.5 million naira extorted by a Nigerian police officer’s airport division from a young nigerian. he was arrested and forced to make an implicating statement of being a member of a fraud syndicate. This is false.

“The officers made a video of him and threatened to release it on social media if he doesn’t corporate with them. they took his phone and transferred 1.5 million naira to a pos moniepoint account 8266938908 which on our investigation discovered to be an agent.

“On further checks, the said pos has received multiple transactions and is used by the same police squad to carry out their criminal act.

“I made some calls and ended up getting the money back in full.

“This is a systematic problem and despite the several dismissals, disciplinary actions, nothing has changed.

“This calls for general overhaul of the system. this is no longer policing.

“The victim has told me he’s not ready to press charges as he has gotten his money back.

“Now, I have made another set of fresh enemies who are in uniform. when you close the illegal source of living of some rogue individuals, they fight back.

“The victim has told me he’s not ready to press charges as he has gotten his money back.

“I want to specially thank lagos state police command public relations officer sp benjamin for his dedication to work and for always standing up against this ugly trend and always giving the necessary support.

“Thanks to my backup team @ behind bars for their guidance and encouragement.”