Japa Series: Bello Habeeb Galadanchi ~“They treat us like kings”

Bello Habeeb Galadanchi, a Nigerian school teacher and filmmaker, recently responded to criticism over his decision to teach children in China instead of his own country. In defense of his choice, Galadanchi emphasized the high level of respect that teachers receive in China.

Addressing the criticism on June 8, Galadanchi, who holds a PhD in Comparative English and works as a journalist, shared his perspective on the matter.

He showcased a shopping card that all the teachers in his school had received, highlighting the generous salaries and benefits they enjoy.

Reflecting on the backlash, Galadanchi took to Twitter and expressed his thoughts.

“I’ve received a lot of criticism for teaching primary school kids in China, instead of Nigeria. Out of the blue, our HR office gave out these cards (2nd biggest retail app in China) to all teachers yesterday just to show appreciation. You can only imagine what our salaries are,” he tweeted.

“Please don’t go around Nigeria telling people that “The Pay is better” is not deep. Also, my answer is implied, if you read it well, it means “we are well taken cared of”. On the other hand, your comment is shallow,”he added.

By Promise Eze