Netizens React To Jim Iyke’s Interview With Chudi “So Many Good Fathers but Terrible Husbands”

Jim Iyke, a veteran Nollywood actor, has spoken up about his broken marriage and why his wife left him despite being a decent father to his three children.

During an interview with Chude Jideowo on his show, the actor spoke up about his previous marriage.

During the interview, Jim Iyke discussed his failure as a spouse, revealing that he was the reason his marriage dissolved.

He observed that a person can only be mediocre if he allows his emotions to overwhelm him, and he usually acts mediocre when he is emotional.

This sparked a debate in the comment section on whether a person can be a good father but yet a terrible husband.

temilolasobola wrote: “So many good fathers but terrible husbands”

micheal__x wrote: “At least he’s owning up to his mistakes. Sure a rare thing to see men of this generation do.”

juliet.u.a wrote: “Therapy should be part of even NYSC programs because so many people walking around broken to the core.”

ayzne_ wrote: “A man can actually be a good father and a good husband”

viola_concept wrote: “Matured man, he owned up to his mistakes. Some guys are really good Dads but terrible husband to the wife. The kids are happy but their mother ain’t.”

ms_leemart wrote: “He has my respect for a fact that he actually owned up to his mistake. Therapy should really be embraced more in this part of the world”

amb_lawrence wrote: “I love how honest he was about his situation. That’s a wise man right there.”