Nigerian Man who Graduated with 2.2 From A Nigerian University Becomes Best Student in European University after over 16 UK, US Rejections

A Nigerian man has inspired social media users with his academic success story after numerous failures and rejections. Ifeanyi Obi shared on his LinkedIn page that he had finished his undergraduate studies in Nigeria with a 2.2.

Obi’s result served as a bottleneck as all foreign applications he made to further his studies were turned down including the ones made to US, UK and Canada universities.

Obi said he applied to study in another European university in Cyprus precisely and succeeded.

He not only finished with a higher honour result but became the best student of the year and bagged a placement for PhD studies. Four years on, Obi became an associate professor and had his software, BuildTech, approved by a UK body and consequently got a special visa to establish a lab in London.

“I applied to 3 Universities in the UK for my Masters studies and got rejected. With that I applied to other Universities in USA, Canada and got rejected as well. With over 16 rejections, I proceeded with great determination to Cyprus to study.

I told myself I only could turn my story around. With increased focus and developed study patterns, I graduated with High Honours(3.8) for my Masters Studies and was offered a place for PhD and with same determines and few mistakes aswell, I graduated as the best student that year and was the Valedictorian. “Last year my software in BuildTech got approved by the UK endorsement body and this year obtained an Innovator Migrant Visa to establish a software lab in London.”

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