How soldier discovered wife allegedly committed paternity fraud

A Nigerian doctor, who goes by the handle Maxvayshia on social platform X, has recounted how a soldier discovered that his wife allegedly committed paternity fraud following a medical emergency involving their 10-year-old son.

According to Maxvayshia in his tweet Friday, upon admission, he discovered that the child presented with some physical features likened to those of sickle cell patients.

The doctor continued saying his suspicions were later confirmed after the genotype test ordered showed that the child carries the SS genotype while the soldier is AA.

His tweet read, “Just this afternoon, I admitted a 10-year-old child who had a few physical features of a sickle cell child. Index of suspicion made me order a genotype test with the knowledge of the Mother who brought him in. The test result showed the child to be SS.

Father, a soldier, was informed and immediately reacted sharply, saying he is AA. He said he had run the test several times. He came down from his station to our facility.

“He insisted on carrying out genotype testing again at our facility. He is AA. It has been a hectic day.”

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