Ameachi Muonago, A Nigerian actor seeks for financial assistance from Nigerians

Another Nollywood actor is seeking financial assistance from Nigerians, promoting discussion about the Nigerian actors’ financial struggles that have come into the spotlight, especially as it concerns their earnings and how it impacts their lives.

Some actors in the Nigerian film industry lead luxurious lifestyles, while others find themselves in need of urgent financial support from the public.

Recently popular comedian Mr. Ibu underwent five successful surgeries, after being bailed out by the support from the public, and the Bukola Saraki foundations. Less than two days ago, another veteran is raising an alarm about his failing health, in the person of Amaechi Muonagor

But what are the reasons for the sudden crisis rocking the Nollywood veteran actors, at a time when we assume they should be reaping the rewards of the smiles they had put on people’s faces during their very active times under the sun.

Earnings Disparities:

Top Nollywood star actors can command substantial paychecks, with earnings ranging between two to three million Naira, depending on their negotiation skills and popularity. In contrast, low-level actors often take home meager amounts or, in some cases, nothing at all for their roles. The amount an actor earns is closely tied to the roles they play in movies and how well the audience responds to their performances.

Negotiations and Challenges:

The earnings of actors also depend on their negotiation skills. Some low-level actors agree to act for free, with producers promising them fame after the movie’s release. This practice highlights the disparities in compensation within the industry.

Emeka Rollas, the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), is advocating for better pay for actors. He emphasizes that they are pushing for a minimum payment benchmark of 10,000 Naira for actors, even for smaller roles. Rollas stressed the importance of actors being compensated fairly for their work.

Striving for Fair Compensation:

Emeka Rollas explained that while high-ranking actors can negotiate their incomes, producers often determine the pay for low-level actors. The AGN is actively working to establish a standard earning structure for actors. They aim to ensure that no actor earns less than 10,000 Naira for their work in a film.

The AGN has also introduced health insurance for its members, offering assistance to actors in times of need. Rollas emphasized that their commitment to improving the financial well-being of actors is a top priority.

Challenges Faced by Some Actors:

Despite these efforts, some Nollywood actors still face financial difficulties. Ameachi Muonago, who is not an AGN member, has been seeking financial assistance from Nigerians for his medical condition. He is currently dealing with a severe illness and is unable to afford his treatment. Other actors, like Mr. Ibu, are also facing health challenges and seeking help.

The financial challenges faced by Nollywood actors shed light on the need for fair compensation within the industry and the importance of providing support to those in need.

Emeka Rollas and the AGN continue to work towards these goals, ensuring that actors are compensated fairly for their contributions to the Nigerian film industry.

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