How My Wife Threw A Knife At Me After Beating My Lover – Husband

In the serene city of Ibadan, a marital dispute has reached the doors of the Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, where a man, identified as Jacob, has filed for divorce from his wife, Ayanfe, citing reasons of misbehavior, constant fighting, violence, and threats to his life.

Jacob’s petition paints a picture of a marriage that took a tumultuous turn, alleging that Ayanfe, once a gentle spouse, transformed into an uncontrollable partner prone to aggression.

He recounted incidents where Ayanfe purportedly engaged in physical altercations with his lover, nearly causing severe harm, and even threatened him with a knife on a separate occasion.

Further complicating the domestic strife, Jacob accused Ayanfe of financial misconduct, including unauthorized transfers of money from his account to hers and the unauthorized sale of his possessions, such as a generator and a DVD player.

In his plea to the court, Jacob sought not only the dissolution of their marriage but also an order to prevent Ayanfe from further threatening, fighting, or intruding on his private life.

However, Ayanfe contested the dissolution of their marriage, offering a different perspective on the root cause of their troubles.

She attributed the deterioration of their relationship to Jacob’s infidelity and neglect of familial responsibilities.

According to Ayanfe, Jacob’s involvement with another woman led to his disregard for her and their children, contributing to financial and emotional abandonment.

Acknowledging the confrontation with her husband’s lover, Ayanfe justified her actions by citing disrespect from the other woman, which ignited the altercation.

Jacob, in his testimony, explained, “My wife and I never held a traditional wedding, while I did not pay her bride price.

“We started living together as a couple shortly after we met.

“Ayanfe was as gentle as a dove and well-behaved early in our marriage. I was glad to have made the right choice, but my joy was short-lived.

“My wife suddenly changed from the loving and easygoing woman I knew her to be, to an unruly and uncultured person.

She became wild in her behaviour and made fighting a daily occurrence in our home.

“I tried as much as possible to be patient with her, thinking she would see reason and change, but the worse she became.

“Ayanfe, apart from tearing almost all my clothes to shreds during fights, has made our home uncomfortable and unwelcoming for me.

“She is neither in the good book of our neighbours who try as much as possible to avoid her because of her unruly behaviour.

“My wife got me mad the day she fought with my lover.

“She descended on her with punches and almost maimed her.

“Not done, she went for a knife and threw it at me.

“I would have been a dead man by now.

“Ayanfe is full of atrocities. I no longer put my trust in her.

“She transferred money from my account to hers.

“She in addition sold my generating set and DVD.

“My lord, my wife will kill me if you do not end our marriage.

I have had enough of her unruly and unguarded behaviour.”

Ayanfe responded, “My lord, I do not agree to divorce.

“I still love my husband despite his misbehaviour

“Our marriage started experiencing crises when he decided to start farming outside our town.

“I requested that I and our children go with him, but he refused.

“He was initially coming home at weekends, which was okay by me.

“But gradually, he stopped coming home and also shirked his responsibilities towards me and our children.

“He left us to starve and languish in poverty.

“My husband deserted us, and all my appeal that he returned home fell on deaf ears.

I decided to pay him a visit and met him with a woman who is his lover.

“He was obviously lavishing money on her.

“ I went mad at the sight of her.

“My anger became uncontrollable when she started using unprintable words at me.

“I pounced and descended on her with punches.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo after she had heard both parties adjourned the case till April 16.