First Impressions

A lot of us don’t realize that when meeting new people and potential partners, first impression is very important. It could start right from the first message exchanged, the first conversation over the phone and right up to the first time you meet each other.

Do you know that as weird as it may sound to some people, your social media interactions can attract people to you. Let’s say you are always contributing intelligently to posts on maybe Instagram, Twitter or Clubhouse, there is a high possibility that someone might be interested in starting a private conversation with you just because of that!

I think we should all be a lot more intentional with our social media presence if you want to meet people and grow a network. I’m sure you’ve read many Love stories that are captioned “It started from the DM and look where we are now”… You want that to be your reality? Let me give you some tips then:

  1. Have engaging conversations in the DM: When you get a DM from a guy that is interested in you, ensure that you make the conversation interesting.

Example 1:

Cute guy: Hi, My name is Carlos. How are you doing?

Alice: Fine.

Example 2:

Cute guy: Hi, My name is Carlos. How are you doing?

Anna: I’m doing great Carlos, thanks for asking. What about you? How is your day coming along?

Now, be honest, are your responses like Alice’s or Anna’s?

Let’s compare the two responses above. Alice seems totally uninterested with the short one-word response and this might make Carlos take a step back in the conversation, while Anna on the other hand, showed interest to get to know Carlos more, was engaging and gave room for more questions and possibly a great conversation.
Be like Anna 🙂

  1. Try to get your points across without getting angry or sounding condescending: It’s okay for people to disagree about different issues and have different views. Now, this is where emotional intelligence comes in, learn how to calmly and constructively get your point across without sounding disrespectful or condescending. No matter how ridiculous the other person’s views might sound, keep your anger in check and calmly explain to them how you understand their opinion but you don’t think they are totally correct about it.

  1. Learn telephone etiquette: This tip cannot be overemphasized. While having the first over the phone conversation, there are some things you need to know. They include:


  • Always talk in a cheerful tone – this automatically sends positive vibes and energy to the person at the other end of the line.
  • Try not to use the speaker phone – it can be very convenient placing the call on speaker and continuing with your other tasks, but it might be very distracting and rather annoying because the person at the other end of the line would pick up every background noise.
  • Try to LISTEN! – is it just me or don’t you find people that love the sound of their own voice more very annoying? It’s a conversation for goodness sake! Listen, and do not interrupt while the other person is speaking.
  • Be confident while speaking – having the mindset that everyone is in your league is a great booster. Don’t be intimidated at all, you are worthy of the conversation!
  • Be mindful of timing and cues.

4. Smile: When you eventually get to go out on a first date with this awesome guy or girl, remember to always smile!


Your best accessory is actually your smile. A healthy and friendly smile can have a significant impact on your first impression on other people. When you meet someone in either a professional or personal environment, your appearance and image will usually have an immediate influence on how that person reacts and responds to you.

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