“Don’t Judge Me By My Past As Pornstar” – Says Davido’s New Babymama, Anita Brown

Anita Brown, who accused Nigerian singer Davido of impregnating her, has urged people not to judge her based on her past when she was a pοrnstar.

Reacting to those accusing her of trying to ruin Davido’s marriage with Chioma, the lady vehemently denied having knowledge of the singer’s marital status, stressing that she is a fornicator, not an adulterer.

In a video shared on Instagram, Anita showed herself taking a urine pregnancy test, revealing she had already taken a blood test earlier to confirm she is carrying Davido’s child.

Following Anita Brown’s outburst against Davido, Nigerians uncovered her past as a pοrnstar and they also dug out her sεx and Noods online.

Netizens slammed her for claiming to be a successful businesswoman when she is actually an adult film star, while others have knocked Davido for having unprotected sex with a pοrnstar.

In a series of posts shared on her Twitter page, the pornstar turned serial entrepreneur and transformation coach denied being a porn star and suggested that any videos featuring her were likely from her past relationship.

She wrote, “Don’t ever play with my name talking porn star. NOT TRUE. Any video y’all will ever see of me was prolly with my ex from years ago. Oh well. Get over it! Nextttttttt! It’s nothing that can be said that i can’t own! I don’t owe y’all anything, because y’all are not God,”

Anita delivered a sermon-like message, emphasizing that believers should not shame others based on their past, as this contradicts the fundamental principles of Christianity. She emphasized the purpose of the New Testament, which focuses on redemption, salvation, faith, and transforming pain into purpose.

“If you are a believer, you wouldn’t be shaming someone’s past, that is the whole purpose of Christianity,” Anita sermonized. “The whole purpose of the New Testament, redemption, salvation, faith and pain into purpose.”

The American lady firmly asserted that she is not ashamed of her past, stressing that people have the capacity to grow and change.

“People are allowed to grow, people are allowed to change, I love who I was and I also love who I’m becoming & where I’m at so far, the things I’ve done in the past and the things I’ve been through gave me a lot of authority and testimony. I feel no shame about my past,” she added.

Reacting to those criticizing Davido for being involved with someone from the adult industry, Anita drew a comparison to Canadian rapper Drake, who fathered a child with a porn star.

“Whoever said celebrities don’t sleep with porn stars… babe, Drake’s baby mother is a porn star & they get along great actually and he loves his son. Let one without sin cast the first stone,” she added.

She also clarified that she has not been involved with numerous celebrities and stated that her reputation is well-established among those who truly know her.

“Y’all cannot defame my name in the United States. Anybody who’s somebody knows how militant i actually am. And no! I actually haven’t slept with a bunch of celebrities. That’s EXACTLY WHY, y’all can’t defame my name when it comes to the the USA. People ACTUALLY know me!” She added.