Sextortion: 16Yr Old British Boy Kills Himself After Being Blackmailed By Nigerian Scammers Over Nood Photo

Dinal De Alwis, a 16-year-old schoolboy from Sutton, south London, has shed light on the dangers of online blackmail and its devastating consequences. Dinal, described as a bright and caring son, took his own life after being blackmailed over Nood photographs.

According to reports, Dinal, who excelled academically and was involved in sports, received threatening messages on Snapchat from someone in Nigeria demanding £100 in exchange for not distributing Nood photos of him. Despite his clean academic record and promising future, the pressure and fear caused by the blackmail drove Dinal to the brink.

On the night he disappeared, Dinal sent messages to his family expressing love and asking them to take care of each other. He then left his home and recorded a video of himself walking down a suburban street before taking his own life by falling to his death.

The grief-stricken father, Kaushallya De Alwis, lamented the loss of his son, emphasizing Dinal’s positive qualities and the pain of his untimely death. Despite Dinal’s academic success and athletic achievements, the shame and fear of the blackmail proved overwhelming, highlighting the dangers of online exploitation.

Mr. De Alwis expressed his concerns about the prevalence of online dangers, urging parents to be vigilant and emphasizing the need for better safeguards to protect young people from online threats. He also called for increased awareness and support for those who may be experiencing similar struggles.

The coroner’s ruling of suicide underscores the tragic outcome of Dinal’s ordeal and serves as a stark reminder of the profound impact of online exploitation on vulnerable individuals.