20 Great YouTube Workouts to Try Right Now

There is no limit to the amount of workout and fitness content on YouTube— for better or for worse. Whether your favorite Pilates studio is closed or you’re just trying to save money by not signing up for a fancy gym, YouTube workout videos are a great way to stay in shape for free. But where do you start? Which videos are worth your sweat?

This past year has proved how important it is to move your body— not just for your physical health, but for your mental wellbeing too. If you’re looking for something relaxing like yoga, a dance party, or an intense HIIT class, we’ve got you covered. Press play on one of the videos below, because even if you don’t finish the whole thing, you’ll feel so much better for it. Ahead, the 20 best YouTube workouts that have kept us sane this past year.


1. Yoga — Yoga with Adrienne

Adrienne Mischler has a yoga workout for everything. Seriously. With yoga for skaters, gardeners, bedtime, anxiety, and stress— you’re bound to find the perfect fit for you all on her channel. Start the new year fresh and with good vibes with her 30 Day Yoga Journey on January 1st.

2. Yoga — Alo Yoga

It makes sense we’d turn to clothing brand Alo Yoga for workout ideas too. And if you’re pressed for time, we love this 15-minute flow to set our good intentions and energy up for the day ahead.

3. Yoga — Corepower Yoga

If you’re looking for a full-body workout that incorporates some weight training, turn to Corepower Yoga. This hour session flies by as you build to strengthen your core and endurance. It’s one of the most satisfying workouts out there.

4. Yoga — Boho Beautiful

Created by Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk, Boho Beautiful is the positive content we need right now. You can find all sorts of yoga (and even pilates and other fitness workouts) videos, but we especially love this 15-minute abs session for when we are trying to focus on that specific area of the body. Plus, it’s set against the most beautiful backdrop.

5. Cardio — 305 Fitness

If you haven’t tried a 305 fitness class before, click this video immediately. This isn’t a workout—it’s a dance party. Classes vary, but we love this non-stop 30-minute video to get our heart rate up. It incorporates jumping jacks and simple dance moves that will get even the most rhythmically-challenged person believing they can be a Beyoncé backup dancer. With great music and instructors that just hype you up the entire time, you won’t have more fun doing anything else.

6. Cardio — Orangetheory

Orangetheory Fitness workouts are broken up into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training. This workout is intense, but in the best way possible. This 45-minute class will build your upper body strength and have your core feeling stronger the more you keep up with it.

7. Cardio — Sweat

Sweat is the largest fitness community and workout app out there, and if you’re a fans of Kayla Itsines, this video is for you. The 30-minute ab workout gets your heart rate pumping by mixing in jumps, planks, and more.

8. Cardio — Heather Robertson

This may or may not have been the longest 20 minutes of our lives, but it was so worth it. Heather Robertson presents an intense cardio HIIT workout that is perfect if you’re missing your daily runs. It has burpees, mountain climbers, and even some shadow boxing to get that heart rate way up.

9. HIIT — Natacha Oceane

No equipment? No noise? No impact? This 20-minute workout from Natacha Oceane can be done anywhere. She creates unique moves that intensify the more reps you get through. While it’s still really hard, it’s also a great intro for someone who has been intimidated by HIIT classes.

10. HIIT — Chloe Ting

This all-standing 15-minute workout burns calories fast. Chloe Ting incorporates jumps, lunges, squats, and more in this intense HIIT workout.

11. HIIT — MadFit

The longest HIIT workout video on our list doesn’t involve a lot of jumping but is still very intense. Each interval focusing on different parts of the body so you get a full workout. It’s another great intro option for beginners.

12. Cardio — Pamela Reif

This may only be 15 minutes long, but get ready to sweat—a lot. You’ll be doing jump squats, jumping jacks, kick planks, and half burpees in 30-second intervals for a couple of reps. But once you’re done, you’ll feel super accomplished.

13. Low Impact — Body Project

If fitness influencers aren’t for you, this will be. The Body Project was made for real people and proves that you don’t need high-intensity workouts to see results. In the 30-minute video, you build up a sweat with simple low impact moves that don’t require any equipment. It’s great for beginners or anyone who is just getting back into the working out game.

14. Low Impact — Joanna Soh

It’s always beneficial to build a strong core no matter your fitness goal. This low impact 30-minute workout video helps you do just that without any equipment. After a few sessions, you’ll definitely notice that other workouts are a little easier to handle.

15. Low Impact — P. Volve

This low impact workout involves the smallest movements that will still sculpt your body. And don’t let these tiny moves fool you—they may look easy but you’ll be feeling sore afterward. Consider your glutes and arms activated.

16. Low Impact — Koboko Fitness

Walking is great exercise but when it gets colder, no one wants to take a walk outside. So walk inside your apartment no matter how small it is thanks to this 20-minute video. Some side and front shuffles mixed with constant arm movement will get your heart rate up and blood flowing for a really great low impact workout.

17. Pilates — Blogilates

This Pilates video mixes ab, glute, and cardio workouts for a 14-minute calorie-burning session that you’ll want to incorporate again and again into your regimen. It’s hard not to love Pilates after this.

18. Pilates — Move With Nicole

Here, you’ll find a Pilates and yoga fusion for a total body workout. It’s slow, but you’ll be working every muscle and part of your body for 40 minutes. It will leave you feeling strengthened and relaxed.

19. Pilates — Lottie Murphy

For a really intense Pilates workout, turn to this 30-minute video. Lottie Murphy will be working out your abs, glutes, back, and more for a strengthened core and toned body.

20. Pilates — Isa Welly

If you’re looking to increase flexibility and tone the lower part of your body, turn to this video. Isa Welly walks you through this 30-minute Pilates session that is low impact and moderately paced. It’s a great workout that’s easy on the joints. What more can you ask for?


Culled from HarpersBazaar