16 Summer Bachelorette Party Alternatives with your Bridal Squad

Vitamin D has been calling our names with a megaphone lately, and we’re betting the same goes for you. And what better way to spend these sunny days than kicking it with your bridal squad. This time of year offers the widest variety of activities you can do as bachelorette party alternatives, and we double dog dare you to capitalize on that. In fact, we implore you! Your gals will thank you for something totally unique, and it may just be the perfect, relaxed setting for them to get to know each other better. Sans strobe lights + stilettos. So dive in with us as we go through these 16 unique ideas for friendship dates this summer!

porch entertaining

Photo by Julia Engel
Let’s get started!

1. Forage for flowers

lilac foraging

Photo by Gal Meets Glam
2. Experiment with new cocktail recipes

summer cocktail recipe

Photo and cocktail recipe by Williams-Sonoma
3. Spend some time on the water

Venice canal kayak ride

Photo via Show Me Your Mumu
4. Have an epicurean feast with dishes native to your honeymoon destination

Lindsey Marie Photography

Photo by Lindsey Marie Photography
5. Bake your heart out with fluffy summer cakes

raspberry sponge cake

Photo and champagne + raspberry curd sponge cake recipe from Erin Made This
6. Throw a tropical dinner party

tropical place setting with margaritaPIN IT

Photo by Ailee Petrovic from this tropical soiree
7. Palm Spring Pool Party

citrus ice bucket

Photo and DIY by A Joyful Riot
8. Go berry picking

blueberry picking

Photo by Ariele Alasko
9. Have a picnic on the beach

beach picnic basket

Photo by Lauren Conrad
10. Go to a flower arranging workshop or host a party at home with your friends

floral arrangementsPIN IT

Photo by Sabrina Bot and Paul Ferney for this Oh Happy Day birthday party
11. Make spiked lollipops together

colorful marbled lollipops

Photo by Jared Smith for this Sugar & Cloth DIY
12. Winery Weekend

Bachelorettecampfest Styled 25

Photo by Kelsea Holder
13. Make homemade ice cream

roasted strawberry ice cream

Photo and recipe by Teresa Floyd
14. Binge Watch Party

Mean Girls inspired cookies

Photo and cookies by Lovely Indeed
15. Donut Decorating Party

doughnuts with edible flowers

Photo by Billye Donya Photography with edible floral doughnuts from A Sweet Savory
16. Book a spontaneous weekend getaway (#PTL for sites like AirBNB!)

summer lounge chairs Spain

Photo via Architectural Digest España
These ideas are totally unique, and it’s these new + original ways to spend your time that will foster the best memories. And also give you new skills to share with the world for the future! That’s why we’re not sorry that several of these are food related. What can ya do?! So map out some time for these alternative bachelorette parties, because what better way to thank your bridal squad than fun-filled activities dedicated wholly to them?

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