Why you should update your Clubhouse app today

If you haven’t updated your clubhouse app, this release note will give you enough reason to.

The invite-only, audio-based iPhone app, rolled out a new update on Monday April 5, with a release note that reads:

? Heads up! Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy changed on April 5 to explain how payments work on Clubhouse. Please take a minute to review the changes. By continuing to use Clubhouse, you are agreeing to the new terms. Thank you!

Hi all—hope you are having a good one! We have a pretty big release for you today. Here is what’s new!

  • ? Payments! (beta). From the earliest days of Clubhouse, a guiding principle has been to build a platform that puts the creator first. Our aim is to help creators build community, audience and impact. And as Clubhouse continues to scale, it’s important to us to align our business model with that of the creators—helping them make money and thrive on the platform.

    Today, we’re thrilled to begin rolling out Payments—our first monetization feature for creators on Clubhouse.

    All users will be able to send payments today, and we’ll be rolling out the ability to receive payments in waves, starting with a small test group today. Our hope is to collect feedback, fine-tune the feature, and roll it out to everyone soon.

    To send a payment, just go to the profile of a creator (who has the feature enabled), tap “Send Money,” then enter the amount you would like to send them. The first time you do this, you’ll be asked to register a credit or debit card.

    100% of the payment will go to the creator. The person sending the money will also be charged a small card processing fee, which will go directly to our payment processing partner, Stripe. Clubhouse will take nothing.

    This will be the first of many features that allow creators and to get paid directly on Clubhouse. We are excited to see how people use it, and to continue working hard to help creators grow and thrive. 🙂

  • A better Activity Feed. Certain types of notifications require a response, and if you don’t clear them they can pile up at the top of your feed, pushing all of the other notifications down. Gary told us he has 248 of them ?, and other people have a ton too! To fix this, we added an overflow tray for these types of notifications, so you’ll only see the most recent 3 and can tap through to view the rest.
  • Plus lots of work under the hood, so we can keep making your feed more relevant, improving what notifications you receive, and continuously improve both trust & safety and support.

That’s it for now. As always, thank you for being part of Clubhouse! ??”