Video: Phyna flaunts newly acquired backside; “You Call Mine Silicone, But Your Backside Is Injected With Cement” – BBN, Chichi Mocks Phyna

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Chichi has mocked her colleague and rival, Phyna, over the appearance of her backside.

Phyna had taken to her social media page to flaunt her derrière, claiming that her curves are natural while throwing a shade at Chichi for resorting to silicone enhancements.

The situation escalated when Phyna shared a video of herself dancing at an event. netizens observed the apparent irregularity of her backside in the footage, creating the backdrop for Chichi to step into the discourse.

Reacting to the video, Chichi mocked Phyna, alleging that her buttocks might have undergone cement injections to achieve their current appearance.

She also hinted at the idea that Phyna might be drawing inspiration from her, implying that she serves as a source of ideas for Phyna’s glamorous image.

Chichi wrote, “Fact remains I am the fountain you fetch your inspirations from. You call mine silicon, yours is injected cement in your derrière. I’m your Mother!”