[Video] Pennsylvania Woman Assaulted By Her Boyfriend, He Broke Into Her Home With A Gun Over A Tweet She Made About Him

The York City Police Department has launched an internal affairs investigation after a video circulated online depicting officers using force to arrest an assault suspect in York on Friday afternoon.

According to the police, around 12:15 p.m. on June 16, they spoke to a woman who claimed that Anthony Balbi-Reyes was attacking a woman at a home in the 100 block of W. Maple St. in York.

Authorities said the woman claimed to be able to hear the attacks occurring inside the home, and had allegedly chased Balbi-Reyes out of the home with a baseball bat. Police say that the witness showed officers a video of Balbi-Reyes at her home, where he allegedly threatened to kill the victim.

According to police, they spoke with the victim who claimed that Balbi-Reyes had broken into her home through a window and that he was armed with a pistol. The victim told police that Balbi-Reyes struck her in the head with the pistol, and dragged her across the floor by her hair before being chased away by the witness.

Officers say that the victim had injuries consistent with her claims.

Officers say that he admitted to breaking into the victim’s home and that he “gripped her up.”

When police attempted to arrest Balbi-Reyes, officers say he resisted and fought with them. During the struggle, Balbi-Reyes allegedly punched an officer in the face, causing injuries.

Police admit that they had to use force to get Balbi-Reyes into handcuffs, and that an internal affairs investigation is underway for the use of force.

In the video circulating on Facebook, officers can be seen attempting to pin Balbi-Reyes to the ground, striking his face multiple times in their attempt to arrest him.

Balbi-Reyes was arrested on burglary, terroristic threats, simple assault, resisting arrest, and aggravated assault on a police officer charges.