Video: “Mohbad’s wife refused to pick my calls or show me DNA result” – African TV CEO Who Pledged N10M Says

In the midst of her husband’s passing, Mohbad’s wife faces a torrent of demands for a DNA test to confirm paternity of her late husband’s son. The uproar comes from all corners, including a businessman who put a cool N10 million on the line if the paternity test goes in Mohbad’s favor. When the news broke that the DNA confirmed Mohbad as the true father, the businessman reached out to see the proof, but the wife’s locked lips have him singing a different tune, and he’s smelling a rat in those test results.

Larry Omordia, a Nigerian business bigwig wearing the CEO hat at African TV, has spilled the beans about his persistent efforts to reach the late singer’s spouse, Omawunmi Aloba, regarding the widely reported-out DNA results of her son.

Recall that the businessman once vowed to cough up a cool 10 million naira if the singer Mohbad’s son, Liam, turned out to be his flesh and blood.

OGB didn’t hold back, he smoothly poked fun at the businessman, noting that he vanished into thin air right after the truth came out, after pledging a generous 10 million naira to Mohbad’s wife.

Reacting, in a recent clip, Mr. Larry Omordia revealed that he attempted to reach out to the wife this morning. However, she not only declined to pick up the call initially but when she eventually did, she abruptly hung it up.

He strongly maintained that, despite the widespread claims, no DNA test has actually taken place.

The businessman delved into the specifics of how the DNA sample from the deceased singer was obtained and questioned whether the wife had indeed provided her own DNA sample for the test, raising doubts about the whole situation.

He underscored that subjecting herself to a DNA test would be a small price to pay compared to the emotional distress she might endure due to the accusations aimed at her

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