[Video] Man Climbs 19 Story Building To Save Elderly Mother’s Life From Apartment Fire

A Philadelphia man defied death by climbing a burning 19-story building to rescue his elderly mother from the flames. The 35-year-old man Jermaine did it to save his physically disabled mom after his sister told him of the fire in the building.

As Jermaine arrived at the high-rise, he was stopped by the Philadelphia authorities as rescue work was being carried out, but he was anxious about his 65-year-old mother Sheila who was bedridden in her apartment on the 15th-story.

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Jermaine has always been an adventurous person from young, doing climbing as a kid, then worked in construction and roofing as an adult, he climb up the side of the building to his mother’s apartment.

“I took it upon myself because that’s my mother. There’s no limits. That’s my mother,” he said. Jermaine knew exactly how to get to his mother’s apartment because he used to live there. His mother was in shock to see him standing on her balcony, and assured she was fine.

Sheila wasn’t surprised by her son’s antics as Jermaine put it, “She was more shocked. She’s not surprised by the things that I do for her. She knows I’ll go over and beyond for her,” Jermaine said.