Video: Arise TV Presenters, Rufai Oseni, Rotus Clash On National TV

Arise TV presenters Rufai Oseni and Aruoture ‘Rotus’ Oddiri on Wednesday clashed on air while debating on the labour unions’ demands.

Recall, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) commenced it’s planned nationwide protest slated for August 2 (today) across the federation’s 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) against the Federal Government’s “anti-poor policies.”

The union demanded that FG fix local refineries and reverse all anti-poor policies including the increase in fuel price.

Speaking about the protest, Oddiri argued that the labour’s demands were incoherent.

According to him, “You cannot ask for refineries to be fixed and also ask for subsidy.”

He also said labour unions need to have economists on their team to enlighten them about the way the economy works and the proper demands they should be making.

Oseni on the other hand stood in labour’s defence, saying the government has not fixed the refineries yet claims that fixing the refineries would not bring down the price of fuel.

Oseni said there is a provision in law which, in order to guarantee energy security, allows fuel to be bought in naira by marketers. At this point, Oddiri cut in: “But at what exchange rate?” Oseni refused to answer, noting that Oddiri was ambushing him.

Another presenter and former presidential spokesman Reuben Abati intervened and called for order.

“I’m not happy about your conduct. You’re ambushing me. If you interrupt me again, I’ll stop,” Oseni said.

Oddiri maintained silence afterwards and when it was time for him to speak, Oseni too interrupted.

The duo also clashed on air over labour demands back in May.

See video below 👇🏿