[Video] A Nigerian Mechanic Using Gas To Power Generators In Owerri

A mechanic who discovered a way to power a generator with cooking gas has become famous online.

Pastor Okezie J. Atani, a Twitter user, posted a video demonstrating how the generator operated without issue utilizing cooking

The mechanic said that the fuel tap is removed, and a different mechanism is installed to the generator and connected to the gas cylinder in order for the generator to operate by using cooking gas.

He displayed a 12.5 kg gas cylinder that was attached to the generator and asserted that, once full, it could operate for up to three weeks.

He said that using cooking gas rather than motor spirit made running generators more affordable.

The mechanic who is in Owerri said: “You can now use your cooking gas instead of fuel. You know PMS is very expensive. As you can see, the generator is running smoothly. It is real and the safety is guaranteed.”