Toke Makinwa Snitches On Sharon Ooja to Rich Yahoo Boy Fiancé – Begs Him to Marry Her Instead

toke makinwa sharon ooja fiancé

Popular Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa and actress, Sharon Ooja, are allegedly locked in deadly beef over wealthy Nigerian yahoo boy, Farouk.

Sharon is allegedly dating Farouk but Toke, who introduced the two, is making every attempt under the sun to snatch Farook back to herself.

Her methods include clandestinely recording calls with Ooja complaining about her man and then sending the recording to Farouk.

Instablogger, Cutie Juls made these allegations about Toke Makinwa and Sharon Ooja in a series of recent posts.

Cutie wrote: “Well it all started that Toke introduced Sharon Ooja to Farouk her supposed friend. Remember I have said it here severally that Toke likes Farouk on the low but some of you were insorting me.

Now, she introduced Sharon thinking Farouk will knack Sharon and move on. Cuz Farouk is a mommy’s boy. His mom loves him so much and the mom is extreme when it comes to women in her son’s life. But guess what? Farouk fell madly for Sharon and for a plus, Farouk’s almighty mom, loves and adores Sharon. That is when the problem started. 

“So it turned out Farouk really wanted to get married to Sharon and started talking to Sharon in that direction. Sharon knowing Toke did the whole introduction made her friend aware of Farouk’s intentions. Now somehow somehow Sharon started hearing some unpleasant rumours about Farouk which they spoke about it. So like normal couple fights.

“When Sharon is upset with her man, she will usually call Toke. Toke too will add her own o, but then record Sharon’s version and be sending to Farouk according to Farouk’s camp. They have more than 5 recordings of such. Toke knowing that Farouk doesn’t like it when people talk about him and yahoo yahoo deals, Toke made sure Sharon said it with her mouth that she won’t settle with yahoo yahoo boy. Boom, Toke recorded and sent to Farouk. Farouk also shared with few of his friends and of course his mama.

“Now, his mama being an adult knows these things happens and so it didn’t change how she feels about Sharon. Apparently she even stylishly warned Sharon against Toke few times but Sharon thought the woman was just being typical African mom knowing how she doesn’t really like Toke like that.

“Now the shocking part…Toke started saying all the bad bad things she knew and also supposedly what she makes up about Sharon to Farouk. Whenever Sharon calls her, she will usually bring ish about Farouk up especially when she knows they are quarrelling and then say things also but continued recording what Sharon said in anger to Farouk. But the Farouk guy is really into Sharon so whenever they resolve their issues, Farouk will be dropping things that Sharon knows only Toke know. But Sharon was still finding it hard to believe Toke could be doing that to her even despite Farouk’s mom’s warnings.

“Then boom, one day, Sharon called Toke while Toke was at the saloon, and immediately she hanged up, Toke called Farouk to deliver her usual. She even told Farouk reminded Farouk, that “Shey I’ve been telling you to stop chasing all these small small girls. Me wey I’m more matured and self made, you say you no like. Even if you don’t want to marry me, let’s have a baby and be together.

“Unfortunately for Toke, that day, there was someone in the salon whose game plan beat Toke’s own this person, recorded Toke’s convo and sent it to Sharon. This salon is reportedly patronised by many big gehs and celebs. It’s one of the customers that recorded Toke. Toke’s phone was on speaker, and this person realised Farouk really like Sharon from his response to Toke but Toke was bent on removing Sharon from Farouk’s life so she can ship herself in. That was when the thing vex the recorder who recorded and sent it to where she knows Sharon could easily be accessed.

“Sharon apparently confronted Aunty Toke, na so Toke begin yarn dust. That she is rich, she doesn’t have time for men bla bla that Sharon should take her wahala away. That why would she want Farouk when she owns an expensive house bla bla.

“My dear, so fast forward, Farouk started spilling more. Even Farouk’s mom is spilling too.

“The thing is really vexing Farouk’s mom as she really likes Sharon with her son. She says apart from Sharon’s good looks, she is also very respectful and she adores her for that.