“Tinubu Has Made Nigeria, Africa’s Laughing Stock – Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu, on Tuesday, said President Bola Tinubu has made Nigeria and Africa a laughing stock.

The statement followed a tweet by Tinubu on Twitter (now known as X) in 2013, claiming that leaders who celebrate late South African leader, Nelson Mandela, but lack his discipline and morale fortitude stand in the way of their people and make Africa a laughing stock.

Yesufu dug out the post and shared it on X with her own post that read: “Another day to remind you that Bola Ahmed Tinubu has made Nigeria and Africa a laughing stock.”

The social critic has recently unleashed several attacks and criticisms against Tinubu’s administration following the increasing hardship and insecurity in the country.

Yesufu also recently suggested she was not afraid about her life over her opposition to the current administration.

She rather insisted she would continue to criticise Tinubu’s government over the rising economic hardships and worsening insecurity in the country, arguing that Tinubu did same in the past.

Culled from Gistmania