TikTok influencer Elsa Majimbo and supermodel Naomi Campbell, what really happened?

TikTok influencer Elsa Majimbo met British supermodel Naomi Campbell in 2020.

On the latest installment of Tales From TikTok, Kenyan influencer Elsa Majimbo claimed that her friendship with world-famous supermodel Naomi Campbell fizzled out after the latter allegedly tried to take credit for building her career.

Majimbo —  known for her comedic content and fashionable “Get Ready With Me” videos on Instagram and TikTok — claimed that her major fallout with the legendary 53-year-old fashion industry veteran occurred shortly after the famous fashion guru offered to produce and finance a documentary about her life. 

In an 8-minute-long video that has since been deleted from her TikTok page, Majimbo told fans that she and Campbell grew a close bond when the model came to visit her hometown, Nairobi, Kenya, while on vacation in 2020. After a fun day of shopping, the 53-year-old catwalk icon offered the young influencer a ride on her private jet to kick it on vacation with her and her rich friends on a beautiful beach, where she proposed the idea of making a documentary about her life growing up in Kenya.

“She introduced me to a couple of people in Hollywood. It was lovely,” Majimbo said in a video reposted by the Narrative Saint TikTok page on Feb. 19. However, the funny social media star raised an eyebrow at Campbell’s intentions after she met a few of her colleagues at the Kempinski, a five-star luxury hotel in Nairobi. While there, the insiders told her that Campbell was taking credit for her success. 

“No, that didn’t happen,” Majimbo recalled telling Campbell’s colleagues. 

Tension between the pair sparked in 2022 following the release of Majimbo’s documentary Elsa at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The internet star said she received an angry call from Campbell, who felt betrayed that she did not consult with her prior to releasing the documentary, which details some of the struggles she endured during her climb to social media stardom. According to Majimbo, the model threatened to sue her.

“I’ll sue you for the rights of this movie and you know I will, right?” Campbell said during their sour call, according to Majimbo.

The Kenyan beauty tried to apologize via text and by personally calling the model, but her kind gesture was allegedly met with a cold response from Campbell. The fashion icon allegedly texted Majimbo to stop calling her and cut off all communication. The fallout pushed Majimbo into a deep depression. 

“I started drinking a lot,” the Kenyan comic revealed.

Naomi Campbell is traditional celebrity. She was the first Black woman to appear on the covers of Vogue France and Time and got her come up gradually, attending theatre art schools, appearing in music videos, and fighting through treacherous adversity, eventually achieving highly coveted and ever elusive supermodel status.

Eventually, she was able to smooth things over with the model, but sadly, they are no longer friends. Majimbo did not go into detail on whether Campbell’s colleagues were telling the truth about that shady success comment, but she did thank the model for giving her “credibility” in Hollywood. 

“I’m not going to speak on that, but I will say that Naomi did give me a lot of credibility especially when I first came to Hollywood. She made me feel special. She did a lot of things for me, so I wouldn’t say she made me, but she did play a big role in a lot of the things,” Majimbo shared. “We’re not friends. We’re not enemies. We’re not anything.”

In 2020, Majimbo was a guest on Campbell’s This is No Filter podcast, where she discussed her meteoric rise to fame on social media.

A year later, she appeared on the model’s vlog, Being Naomi, where the two spent the day together bonding, shopping and experimenting with makeup around Nairobi, Kenya.

Majimbo said she got a mutual friend to mediate a conversation between them where they could put the matter behind them.

After that Majimbo started telling Campbell everything she was doing to prevent another issue from coming up.

However, after a few weeks, she realised that it was healthier for her to simply cut ties with Campbell.

Even though Majimbo is adamant that Campbell did not “make” her, she admits that the model did however play a role in giving her credibility.

“She did hold me up high,” adds Majimbo.

She concluded the video by sharing that they were no longer friends, nor were they enemies, they are just strangers now.

She posted the full video on TikTok as well but soon deleted it.

Afterwards, she posted the following: “I stand by my words. Content in my decision. The tweets are deleted due to seeking peace, not fear. Yall need to understand this is something that has happened since I was 19. My goal now is happiness.”