Software Engineer, Funferekenye Accused Of Stalking, Harassing, And Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend For Two Years In Lagos

In a disturbing incident that has garnered attention on social media, a software engineer named Funferekenye Bodiowei Koroye has been called out for his alleged involvement in stalking, harassing, and assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The incident reportedly took place at an art gallery in Lagos, leaving many shocked and concerned about the victim’s safety.

Allegations of Stalking and Harassment:
According to numerous reports circulating on Twitter, Funferekenye had been stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend for a significant period of over two years. Sources indicate that the victim ended the relationship due to domestic violence and other undisclosed issues. Unfortunately, Funferekenye’s behavior did not cease after the breakup. He allegedly resorted to incessant stalking, sending unsolicited messages and emails, and even issuing threats towards his ex-partner for an extended period.

The Disturbing Incident:
The distressing situation reached a tipping point when Funferekenye spotted his ex-girlfriend at an art gallery, where she was accompanied by a friend. CCTV footage captured the shocking moment when he aggressively charged towards her and physically assaulted her. Frightened, the victim managed to flee outside, with Funferekenye persistently pursuing her and continuing the attack. However, the incident took an unexpected turn when a brave passer-by intervened and delivered a series of blows to Funferekenye’s face, effectively halting the assault.

Seeking Justice:
In the aftermath of this appalling incident, the matter has been reported to the police. Friends and eyewitnesses are urging the authorities to take swift and decisive action to ensure that Funferekenye faces the legal consequences of his actions. The gravity of the situation, coupled with the evidence captured on CCTV, underscores the need for a thorough investigation and a fair trial. The victim and her supporters hope that justice will prevail, providing her with the necessary protection and holding the accused accountable for his alleged crimes.

The case of Funferekenye Bodiowei Koroye, the software engineer accused of stalking, harassing, and assaulting his ex-girlfriend for over two years, serves as a distressing reminder of the prevalence of domestic violence and the importance of addressing such issues within our society. It highlights the need for improved measures to protect victims, raise awareness, and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. As the legal process unfolds, it is crucial that the authorities handle the case with utmost sensitivity and ensure the safety and well-being of the victim.