Sina Rambo accuses Heidi Korth of ruining his marriage

In a recently revealed chat, the singer blames his partner for being the primary cause behind the breakdown of their marriage. 

However, she vehemently defends herself, recounting her constant support for him and her efforts to guide him towards a better path.

“I have tried for you, I have always wanted you to be a better person. I entered Uber with you, I stayed in a dirty house with you, I bore your child, I even advised you to stop selling weed because I don’t want you to be that person. Talk about the family name, what if they had caught you? How will it look? That family name you’re talking about, I don’t want you to ruin it by selling weed. I told you,” she expressed in one of the chat exchanges.

As the leaked conversations unfold, Sina Rambo also accused Heidi of exhibiting abusive behavior, mentioning that she was fortunate not to have revealed their divorce to him while they were still together.

Just days prior to this revelation, Heidi surprised many when she confirmed her divorce status. 

The news of her divorce from her husband, who happens to be Davido‘s cousin, circulated widely.