Seven Nigerian Citizens Arrested For Drug Trafficking In Seychelles

A Nigerian man has asked the federal government to intervene after sharing photo of Nigerians held in Seychelles for alleged drug trafficking. Mathias Adidid, the President of the Nigerian community in Seychelles took to Twitter to alerted journalist, Oseni Rufai of the incident. According to Mr. Adidi, a drug syndicate in Nigeria is using Nigerians to smuggle drugs into Seychelles.

In a tweet on Sunday, July 2, 2023, Adidi claimed that seven Nigerian nationals were arrested on Friday.

“I am Mathias Adidi the president of the Nigerian community in Seychelles. Please help us inform Nigerians . Someone in Nigeria is sending Nigerians to bring drugs to Seychelles. And is not safe they are been arrested every day. Last Friday 7 Nigerians where arrested,” he wrote.