Positioning yourself for success means knowing your value and actively positioning yourself for opportunities. It is presenting yourself to the right person, at the right time and place, in the right way, with the right message. It involves being self-aware and proactive and knowing what your purpose is in life. It enhances feelings of self-worth, invites a more positive attitude, and gives you the confidence to make powerful decisions. It means being intentional about your mission and purpose in life and consistently striving to achieve it.

Positioning yourself the right way gives you the power to take charge and define your future. This only happens when you let go of fear and self-doubt and begin to empower yourself. There is a place in life and many successes that have your name on it, but you have to take action and go for it. Many times, things are not just given to you, to get it, there is a corresponding action that you have to provide that says that you believe that what’s in front of you is yours.

The Benefits of Positioning Yourself for Success:

  • You become courageous
  • It leads to increased self-worth
  • It helps you discover your purpose
  • It leads to success in your personal and professional life
  • It brings about opportunities
  • You become optimistic
  • You become confident in your abilities
  • It improves your inner strength and potential
  • You become focused
  • It improves your decision-making skills

Action Steps:

The following actions can help you position yourself for success:

1. Know your worth – accept that you are a divine creation that possesses virtues and qualities that make you unique.

2. Believe in yourself – be confident in your abilities. The way you see and think about yourself will shape the way others see you.

3. Check your attitude – your attitude will always show up in the way you treat people, and the way you treat others will determine the way they respond to you.

4. Look the part – many will judge your importance by the way you look. If you’re going to achieve success, you need to rightly position yourself with your appearance.

5. Discover your potential – it is not enough to know that you are of importance, you must be able to identify the sets of competencies that set you apart from others.

6. Be passionate – this will help you stay motivated through thick and thin to achieve your envisioned success.

7. Form your principles – develop a personal philosophy by setting guiding principles that will influence your behaviour in all and any circumstance.

8. Improve your network – your network guarantees your speed in the pursuit of your dreams, you need to forge connections that lead to the realization of your vision.

9. Write down your goals – positioning yourself for success will require goal setting, task listing, prioritizing activities, and taking actions for the results you desire.

10. Have an action plan – be deliberate and intentional about how you want to achieve success.

11. Practice positive self-talk – take control of your mind by speaking and manifesting positivity into your life.

12. Stop dwelling on the past – your past failures do not define your present or determine your future, be confident in yourself, have faith, and prepare for your success.