Popular skit maker, Kiekie Has revealed why she doesn’t flaunt her husband on social media

Kie Kie, the popular Nigerian skit maker, has finally opened up on why she doesn’t share her husband’s face on social media. In a recent conversation with Chude, Kie Kie explained she doesn’t post her husband on social media pages because they are for business and her husband isn’t a staff member. She also said there’s no need to even post him on Instagram because he is not even on the platform and won’t see it.

According to her: “I don’t share my husband on Instagram, not because I’m hiding him but because my Instagram is a business Instagram. My husband is not part of my business. He doesn’t collect a salary. What “consign” him?

“But I’m pregnant and I wanted to share it; it’s not that I’m pregnant by myself. It was a collaboration, he’s alive, and we’re not fighting, so why not? So when we had the baby and were going to do Thanksgiving, it was a family.

“But before you see him again, it will be a while. Only maybe if we have another child again, sha… because my birthday is my birthday. I don’t see the need to post about him on his birthday because he’s not even on Instagram.

“So the person I want to wish wasn’t there So I should now be wishing him for you. Why? He’s in my bed. Sleep there. A very happy birthday to you! Why do I have to go and tell millions of human beings that he’s having a birthday?”

By Bayo Nelson