P Square Explains How Their ReunionHas Helped Them Manage Their Finances.

The pair of Peter and Paul Okoye popularly known in music circles as P Square have revealed how their reunion enabled both of them to manage money better.

The duo who made the revelation in a recent interview with Larry Madowo on CNN‘s African Voices Changemakers said that they now prioritise investing in their businesses rather than spending extravagantly on luxury items which have no long term value.

Peter and Paul also noted during the interview that they both learnt a lot when they both pursued solo music careers before coming back together as a group.

“What happened is this, if you know anything that happens in a group, it’s the same thing. (Even though we are brothers) it doesn’t change the fact that we are humans. And irrespective of how people wanna look at it, the fans were disappointed, but we are humans. It’s normal,” Peter said.

“We didn’t decide (to come back together) God made it happen. It became normal. We always going to look for that wind of change. Sometimes when things happen, always take the positive part of it and drop the negative parts. Why I said so is that I become more industrious.”

Peter noted that he “learnt a lot from the solo thing I started doing a lot. I own a lot of company. In the next year or two, I wanna own the biggest casino in Africa. All of us are into real estate.”

“Now that we are back together, as more money is coming in I know where I am putting it. But then it was just wristwatches, chains. But now it is different,” Paul added.

By Ripples Nigeria