“Nonsensical behaviour, You’re Doing Damage To Yourself and Family” ~ Joe Igbokwe Blasts Aisha Yesufu Over ‘Disrespect’ For The New National Anthem

A video making the rounds on social media shows Aisha Yesufu sitting while others stood during the recitation of the new anthem at an event.

Most guests at the event were visibly astonished by Aisha’s display, as seen in the video.

Aisha also shared a video clip of the moment on her official X handle with the caption, “Not my anthem.”

Reacting, Igbokwe, in a post via his Facebook page, said Aisha was exhibiting nonsensical behaviour.

According to him, Yesufu was causing damage to herself and her family by disrespecting the national anthem.

He wrote, “Aisha Yesufu cannot respect the National Anthem. Let us see where all the nonsensical behavior will take her to. She may not understand the damage she is doing to herself and her family. Continue.”