Nigerian police arrest 10-year-old girl with hard drugs in Lagos

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) Lagos State Command has arrested a 10-year-old girl for being in possession of hard drugs.

The girl who was intercepted in the Agege area in Lagos, claimed she had been a drug courier for her aunt named Taiwo Abass since June 2023.

She lived with her mother in Ilorin, Kwara State before joining her aunt who resides in Oko Oba.

It was gathered that she normally takes the drugs to the point of sale in Agege.

She narrated how she usually carries the drug daily from home to the shop and also how she was eventually caught.

When I left home I was stopped on the road and brought to the Police station and when I wanted to take my bath they now saw the drugs on me. I was asked how did the drug entered my body I now said it’s the mummy I stay with that put it in my body,” she said.

“Once I wake up and bathe she will put it in my body so that I will take it to the shop where she will now collect it from me and sell it. She said the reason why she always put it in my body is because of Police and that Police cannot search me.”

The police also nabbed the girl’s aunt, Taye Abass, who allegedly trafficked a hard drug known as Colorado, through her to evade police checks.

Abass confessed to the offence while being paraded by the police at the state headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos on Tuesday.

The female said she always used her niece to transport the drugs from their house to her shop to avoid being checked, as no one would suspect a small girl.

Abass revealed: “When I went to Ilorin, my mother asked me to bring her with me to Lagos about two months ago. I sell drinks. When she got to my place, feeding was hard. Where I usually take my drinks for sale, somebody then introduced me to Colorado that I should be selling it. He told me the police always arrested people selling it. So whenever I am taking the drinks for sale, I usually put it (the drug) in her underwear, and ask her to put it in the shop where I always collect it back from her.”

The woman who pleaded for leniency, begged for forgiveness saying it was because of hardship, adding that other accomplices had taken to their heels.

Spokesperson for the Lagos State Command Benjamin Hundeyin urged the public to be watchful and to further collaborate with the force in the fight against drugs and other crimes in the society.

He added that the girl will be handed over to her family after they established contact and disclosed the aunt would be prosecuted.

✍️ Temitope Hassan