Nigerian Man Stabbed While Reportedly Trying To Help Robbery Victim in Switzerland

A Nigerian man has been stabbed outside a bar in Switzerland by an African teen while trying to help a robbery victim. It was gathered that the incident happened at around 7:15 p.m. on Monday, June 19, 2023, in the city of Basel near the borders of Germany and France. Witnesses say a teenager tried to steal a wallet from a passerby and an ensuing confrontation spiraled out of control.

“Everything happened very quickly, another man wanted to help the robbery victim,” one bystander told 20 Minutes. “Then the person who wanted to help suddenly had a knife stuck in his thigh,”

Emergency responders arrived and found a 37-year-old Nigerian man bleeding profusely in the street. He was rushed to hospital in serious condition. Officers located one suspect, a 14-year-old Algerian who was taken into a custody. A second suspect, described as a North African male in his 20s, remained on the loose as of Tuesday, according to the latest available updates. An investigation and legal proceedings are ongoing.