Nigerian Man Publicly Apologises To The Women He Dated After Undergoing Therapy

A Nigerian man, Cyrus Agbo, has taken to Twitter to tender an apology to his exes after undergoing therapy. Agbo, on Monday, July 3, said he had no idea that he went through a childhood trauma which detached him emotionally. He also stated that he has personally reached out to some of the women.

I apologize to every woman that dated me before I went to therapy last year & healed emotionally. I honestly didn’t know I had childhood trauma that made me as detached as I became each time. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know better. I’m clear now. I’m whole now. I pray you are too,” he tweeted.

 “To everyone asking, I’ve reached out to the ones I could. I’m not seeking attention here, I literally just tweeted my thoughts because I had a moment today that made me remember my journey & I was thankful for how far I’ve come. If you still feel the need to be negative, enjoy.”