Nigerian Man Offers N5M For Any Lady To Be His Girlfriend For Just 3 Months

In a rather unusual turn of events, an anonymous Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to offer a staggering N5 million reward to any lady willing to be his girlfriend for a strictly limited period of three months. The intriguing proposition, which has sparked a mix of curiosity and debate on social media, has been shared by the Twitter user @oku_yungx, an aviator and power biker.

The anonymous individual has laid out specific criteria for potential applicants, expressing a desire for a woman who possesses both attractiveness and intelligence, along with the ability to engage in stimulating conversations.

Additionally, the chosen lady would have the opportunity to interact with prominent individuals from various fields, indicating the man’s association with influential circles. He wrote; “SPECIAL REQUEST. He needs an arranged girlfriend for a period for 3 months. Willing to pay the sum of 5 million Naira only. She has to be attractive and very intelligent. Can keep a conversation because she will be meeting Quality heads. Just Like if interested. He will DM.”

As the news of the offer continues to spread, several women have expressed interest, with some reaching out to @oku_yungx for further information. It remains to be seen how the anonymous man will navigate the selection process and choose the fortunate lady who will embark on this unconventional three-month girlfriend experience.

Netizens Reactions…

@UjunwaEzendiok1 said; “I am interested abeg, hope there is plenty food. When I swallow eba like this eh, I dey deliver quality conversations. Na u go dey beg me to stop dropping valid points.”

@Your_Sugar_Plum wrote; ‘‘Please is the 5m Monthly or for the 3 months? ”And are these the only terms and conditions? ”

@namedAntoinette said; “Why is everyone fixated on the money and no one is asking about terms and conditions?” 

@Sonsydarling1 wrote: “He will end up falling in love with her, marry her, and they will live together forever and ever.”

@cashoggy said: “So many people are actually interested in low key Hook up under different circumstances. “Very funny people.”