Nigerian Family Accuses UK Police Of Compromising Investigation Into Daughter’s Death After Alleged Blackmail By British Boyfriend

Nigerian family, Oladapo Ogundipe, has lamented that the Manchester Police authorities in the United Kingdom (UK) are obstructing investigation into the death of their daughter, Alanis Yinka Seydell, which is allegedly linked to her boyfriend, Ryan Legget.

The deceased’s father, Oladapo Ogundipe, told SaharaReporters on Wednesday that it was six months already when his daughter died on May 29 after being allegedly blackmailed by her boyfriend, but the Manchester Police and the British Transport Police had not yet taken statements from the family

The police, the family said, rather took the statement of the suspect and are using his statement to “pervert” justice.

Ogundipe, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Airwired Nigeria Limited, accused Legget who was Alanis’s boyfriend of hacking into his daughter’s phone on May 28 around 10am while she was asleep and infected her with herpes viral infection.

Ogundipe told SaharaReporters that “They are trying to cover up the case. It has been six months now, when she made the allegations herself the day before she died.

After she died, her mother reported the matter to the police as they arrived but it is six months and they have not arrested the suspect for once or done any investigation.

“They want to rush to the inquest without our evidence. They want to use the evidence the suspect has to claim that she committed suicide due to mental health. Meanwhile, we have so much evidence.

“He has lied to the police and we have the evidence as well. He has written to us admitting what he has done, that he broke into her phone but told the police she gave him the pin code while he told us he stole the pin code. We have the evidence.”

The grieving dad said they told the Coroner that they could not be waiting for an inquest and “they also said that we should wait for a police review of the British Transport Police that should never have happened because the incident happened in Manchester which is a separate jurisdiction and should be investigated by the Manchester police.

“From day one, Transport police have been frustrating and obstructing the Manchester police from investigating by telling them that there is no evidence, while we have given them evidence and they are trying to cover it up.

They told the Manchester police that my daughter gave the suspect her phone password while the suspect has told us something else. The Transport police are trying to prevent the Manchester police that are in the right position to investigate the matter from doing that, because the Manchester police must look at what the Transport police said.”

According to him, the Transport police are saying that there is no evidence and the Manchester police are believing them.

“We have even reported the matter directly at the Manchester police portal and they said that they are looking at what the Transport police are saying by saying that they are reviewing it.

“There has been no investigation. They have not taken our statement at all but they have taken the suspect’s statement and they are using what he said as what happened.

“We have complained how the head of the police there is perverting justice for our daughter and trying to cover up the case. We have complained to the Police Watchdog against the Manchester Police, that they are also obstructing the investigation.

“We are asking the Manchester Police to investigate the matter and that they should take my wife’s statement because she was there. Their investigation should start with the arrest of the suspect and make him write his statement under caution before they continue with the investigation.

“Till date, everything the suspect stole from my daughter’s phone has not been checked to know the extent of what he stole and my daughter was the Director of one of my companies in Nigeria and many information about the company was on her phone. Now, the suspect is walking freely.

“We also have evidence of where a policewoman said that my daughter gave the suspect her phone password but the suspect said no, that he stole it.”

He said that the Manchester Police insisted that there was no evidence of third party involvement in his daughter’s death, while “there is evidence of third party involvement.”

Culled from Saharareporters