Nigeria to Partner With China to Build First of Its Kind Baseline Interferometry

Nigeria is set to partner with the Republic of China in an effort to build first of its kind baseline Interferometry.

The intended baseline Interferometry will be used to monitor earthquake and volcanic eruption in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

A flash news report from the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) on Friday disclosed this, although details are still sketchy.

Meanwhile, representatives from China and Nigeria are at the moment engaged in a meeting in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The term, baseline interferometry is a type of astronomical interferometry used in radio astronomy.

A signal from an astronomical radio source, such as a quasar, is collected at multiple radio telescopes on Earth or in space.

The distance between the radio telescopes is then calculated using the time difference between the arrivals of the radio signal at different telescopes.

They are used to measure everything from the smallest variations on the surface of a microscopic organism.

It also extends to the structure of enormous expanses of gas and dust in the distant Universe (using radio interferometry), and now to detect gravitational waves.