Nicki Minaj’s detained in Netherlands,UK concert postponed

Nicki Minaj has been reportedly detained at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport under suspicion of possessing soft drugs, according to Dutch media sources.

Minaj, 41, whose arrests reportedly took place on Saturday was scheduled to perform in Britain later that day, shared images on social media showing her being questioned by airport officials.

While authorities have not officially confirmed Minaj’s identity, a spokesperson for the military police stated that a 41-year-old American woman had been arrested on suspicion of attempting to export soft drugs to another country.

In a post on social media platform X, the rapper claimed that authorities found cannabis in her luggage, attributing it to her security personnel.

She expressed frustration, alleging that her bags were taken without her consent and that efforts were being made to delay her, potentially leading to negative press coverage.

“So they succeeded at their plan to not let me get on that stage tonight. I succeeded @ getting to the root of it all by recording them & posting everything in real time. I have sooooooooo much video evidence. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. I’ll have the lawyers & GOD take it from here tho”, 

Though cannabis consumption is tolerated in the Netherlands, it remains illegal to transport drugs across borders.

Nicki Minaj’s concert in Britain has been called off at the last minute on Saturday night, after she was detained at Amsterdam’s main airport.