Nancy Iheme Replies Sandra Iheuwa“I am Not The One That Scattered Your N100 Million Wedding.”

Nollywood actress, Nancy Iheme has hit back at Sandra Iheuwa’s claims that she wrecked her marriage to Steve Thompson.

But in reaction to the claims in a now-deleted Instagram story post, Nancy Iheme fired back at Sandra, labeling her an attention seeker as she strongly denied being responsible for destroying her 100 million naira wedding.

She also urged Sandra to find someone else to blame for her failed marriage while denying any involvement in her marriage crisis.

Nancy, however clearly warned Sandra to stop tagging her in her crashed marriage, noting that she is not the sole reason behind the wedding’s collapse, and also questioned Sandra’s motives for seeking attention through these allegations.

She wrote; “Attention seeker….I can actually sue you and your Ex, till you bring evidence…

“Thank God you know your ex talks a lot, what makes you think he has gone down with me??? Do you know how many celebrities he once told me he had things with?”

“Stay away from me, no be me break your heart this girl… I still can’t phantom why you are dragging me. I don’t even know you with this man in question.

“Ain’t gonna speak on this issue again because you are not worth it trust me. Go and lick your wounds and let me be.”