Mr ibu’s wife and daughter reportedly clash over cash donated for ailing actor

In the midst of the tumultuous storm, two of Mr. Ibu’s nearest and dearest, his wife and daughter, who’ve had their fair share of feuds and reconciliations, have once again reportedly found themselves in a heated battle over the monetary contributions intended for the ailing actor. A friend of Jasmine unveiled the hidden intricacies of this family feud, painting a picture that makes the whole situation a deeply disheartening and bitter pill to swallow, amidst the painful ordeal of Actor’s leg amputation.

Ever since Mr. Ibu’s health crisis reared its ugly head, the actor’s wife and daughter have been taking the bull by the horns, leading the charge in soliciting financial aid.

In a jaw-dropping twist, a close friend of Jasmine took to the well-known gossip hub, Gistlover, via direct message, calling out the actor’s wife for persistently pressuring and brandishing threats against Mr. Ibu’s daughter in their tussle over who holds the reins to the financial contributions for the ailing actor.

In the DM screenshots, Jasmine’s friend revealed that when Mr. Ibu fell ill, Jasmine took him to the hospital while the actor and his wife were not on good terms.

According to Jasmine’s friend, Mr. Ibu’s wife instructed Jasmine to intercede and request her husband’s permission for her to visit them at the hospital. Jasmine followed through with this plea, and as a result, Mr. Ibu’s wife visited the hospital and recorded videos of herself shaving her husband’s beard.

Jasmine’s friend claimed that when donations began to pour in, she personally visited the hospital and discovered that Mr. Ibu’s wife had requested Jasmine to use the donated funds to buy her a new car, an iPhone 15, and cover her rent expenses, all from the money intended for the ailing actor.

Jasmine’s friend revealed that even before Mr. Ibu underwent any surgery, she and Jasmine created a new donation account and deliberately prevented Mr. Ibu’s wife from having access to it.

Following this, Jasmine’s friend claimed that Mr. Ibu’s wife harbored resentment and accused Mr. Ibu’s wife’s cousin, who was reportedly present in the video with Mr. Ibu’s wife when they called out AGN in a viral video, of influencing the actor’s wife to demand her portion of the donated funds.

Jasmine’s friend went on to make more accusations, claiming that the actor’s wife received a 1 million naira donation using her own personal account.

She alleged that the actor’s wife resorted to consulting a Native doctor to bring harm to her friend. She even provided screenshots as evidence of the 1 million naira she claimed the actor’s wife received.

Jasmine’s friend made it clear that she was coming forward to advocate for the safety of the actor’s daughter, whom she believed to be in grave danger.

She further asserted that Mr. Ibu himself, while recovering in the hospital, directly accused his wife of engaging individuals affiliated with a cult to plot his assassination.