Moses Olapade, A 56yr Old Former Boxer Punches Wife Into Coma Over TV Remote in Ondo

A 56-year-old former boxer, Moses Olapade, has been arrested in Ondo State for allegedly b3ating his wife, Tinuke, to coma after she refused to hand over a television remote to him. 

According to reports, the incident occurred at their residence, No. 9, Odama street in Oke-Aro Community in Akure. 

It was gathered that Olopade, a truck driver who plies the Northern part of the country, returned home from a journey on the fateful day and wanted to watch a programme on the television. 

He was said to have asked his 44-year-old wife to hand over the TV remote to him but she refused. 

Olopade, out of anger, rained punches on the wife until she fell down and became unconscious. 

It took the intervention of neighbours to rescue the woman from her husband after their children ran out screaming for help.

When the neighbours burst into the house to rescue the woman, they found her lying unconscious on the floor and quickly rushed her to the nearest hospital. 

The matter was reported to leaders of the community, who called the police and the retired boxer was arrested.