Michigan trans Muslim woman loses bid to get surgically removed testicles back from ex’s fridge

A transgender woman who sued her ex-boyfriend for throwing out her balls apparently didn’t have a case worth litigating … ’cause a judge tossed her suit, not to mention the BF’s.

Brianna Kingsley had recently filed a lawsuit against William Wojciechowski in Detroit — whom she was dating a couple years ago as she was transitioning … and who she claims discarded her surgically-removed testicles in the wake of their breakup.

At first, Kingsley was suing Bill for allegedly not returning her balls to her — claiming in her small claims suit that he was holding them hostage, and keeping them in a mason jar in his fridge next to a carton of eggs. However, after she sued him … her ex countersued her, claiming she’d humiliated him and also noting that he’d already thrown the testicles away.

It was a lot of back and forth for a while … and the absurd case was highlighted by a quote Kinglsey had said in court at one point — saying, “We’re talking about my nuts … I wanted them in my fridge — not his. The damages were the loss of these nuts.”

Kingsley was seeking the return of her testes — even though they’d already been thrown out — plus an extra $6,500 in damages. The boyfriend was also seeking damages for his claim.

In the end … hizzoner said the whole thing was ridiculous and not worth taking under further consideration — in fact, he called their competing lawsuits against each other a “wash,” and added that it would’ve been too difficult to put a dollar amount on balls.

The judge tossed both lawsuits and basically closed the book on this matter. He also noted his decision could not be appealed — so no chance of either of them continuing to fight it.

Kingsley seemed proud to show off her balls a couple years ago after she underwent gender-reassignment surgery — so we suppose it’s understandable they were of value to her.

Unfortunately, this case ended up being a little too nuts for small claims court. It was Dismissed!

Culled from TMZ