Medlin Boss – Mimi, Nigerian fashion designer has been called out over an affair with Her bestie “Nimi’s” husband.

Gistlover confirmed rumours of the alleged relationship between the two, releasing chats of Medlin Boss having love conversations with her best friend’s husband.

The conversations show the duo maintained an affair for years behind Nimi Nwofor’s back.

Gistlover wrote: “Incoming Vawulence, BESTIE IN THE MUD OOO, I DEY COME. Check telegram ” alongside a photo of Medlin Boss and Nimi.

The screenshots from Telegram was shared on twitter by @joyofrs with the caption: “Chat she had with her best friend husband, shame dor finish for this world 🤦🤦 Medlin boss,”

Check out the screenshots of Medlin Boss chatting best friend Nimi Nwofor husband below…

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Medlin Boss Biography

Medlin Boss, real name Mimi Linda Yina is a renowned Nigerian fashion consultant, fashion label owner, brand influencer, and business woman who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Medlin Couture.

MedlinBoss is one of the pioneering personalities in the Nigerian fashion industry. She became a frontrunner to others, whom she has inspired through her breathtaking and innovative ideas that revolutionized celebrity styling and the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

Mimi Linda Yina was born on August 10, 1982. Her age is 41 years old. Medlin Boss is a native of Gboko Local Government area of Benue State, North Central Nigeria.

From a young age after being born into a family of six, she displayed her love for fashion.

She studied Sociology at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), Rivers State. During her student days, she stood out due to her sense of grandeur and elegance.

After school, MedlinBoss spent several years in the Rivers capital building her brand, but in 2019, she strategically moved her business to Lagos, the nation’s commercial nerve centre, where majority of her clientele reside.

The brand grew so popular that in 2021, she was chosen to style judges and the host of prime time Reality Show, The Voice Nigeria.

“My journey into the fashion world started as passion; a fervent and certain passion. I have always loved fashion; back in the University of Port Harcourt, as an undergraduate of sociology, I would travel abroad on holidays and come back with a lot of designer clothes for my personal use and people would be like ‘…next time you travel please shop for us too.

“So, I realized it would make a lot of sense if I could monetize my passion, so I began to bring clothes to sell whenever I travelled. I started with one suitcase and everything I brought was bought, so I begun to increase my suitcases, from one to two, then three… And that’s how business started for me. Next came my first shop”, MedlinBoss recalled in an interview.

Medlin Couture has styled majority of Nigeria’s celebrities such as popular comedian AY Makun, Funke Akindele, Ini Edo, Tonto Dikeh, Yemi Alade, Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde, top politicians’ wives, wives of bank executives, and cream de la cream in the society on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special days.

“Funke Akindele, Yemi Alade, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde,Ini Edo, Nancy Isime, Kate Henshaw, Ayo Making (AY), the list goes on. Funke Akindele was one of the first celebrities that reached out to me, even before I became a full blown stylist”, she said.

“She sent a DM acknowledging her love for my fashion sense and looks, asked if I sell clothes and she’d like to shop from me. Long ago (over a decade ago), I’d drive from PH to Enugu with a suitcase full of clothes to her set where I would not only sell but combine her looks and outfit for her; the same thing goes for Ini Edo”.

She can be found on Instagram @medlinboss

Her Best Friend

Medlin Boss bestie used to be Nimi Nwofor until she sneakily went behind her to snatch her husband.

In April 2023, Gistlover revealed chats exposing Medlin Boss for snatching her best friend husband from her.

Mimi Linda Yina and Nimi Nwofor husband carried out an affair for years.

Rumours of the affair popped up some time back, at which time Nimi appeared to confirm.

According to her, her family was shot by an evil person who she referred to as a demon who came in as a friend.

She said she has encountered a real life demon and devil incarnate. Medlin Boss best friend advised women to be more vigilant of who they bring into their homes.

She wrote, “I have encountered a real-life demon and devil incarnate,when you hear stories like the demonic human being killed their own brother ,you switch to denial mood .

“I and my family got shot the evil arrow ,My son almost lost his life ,no thanks to this devilish human being that called herself my friend,all sorts of evil has been directed towards my family .

“Be careful who you invite your home ,a demon came into our lives but we are victorious .

“This experience will shape my life but will NEVER change who I am ,I’ll forever be good to who deserves it .

Nimi Nwofor and her husband

Nimi Nwofor is quite popular as a stylish and beautiful mother of 5. Her husband is Rivers State former Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s lawyer Beluolisa Nwofor, SAN.

Nwofor is a popular Abuja based style and fashion influencer.

She was in the news in April 2023 after her best friend, Medlin Boss, was exposed for snatching her husband.


Medlin Boss is not married but as far as we can tell, she is currently dating Nigerian barrister Beluolisa Nwofor, SAN.

As already mentioned, Melin Boss snatched her best friend, Nimi Nwofor husband.

Per screenshots released by blogger Gistlover, Medlin is now dating Nimi Nwofor husband and it has been going on for years!


Medlin Boss is alleged to have used her own brother for rituals to acquire her wealth.

Gistlover revealed this damning information as the latest in an ongoing expose of Mimi.

Telling the story of Medlin Boss the serial home wrecker from the beginning, Gistlover revealed that during her early days hustling in Port Harcourt, Medlin Boss allegedly took her own brother for rituals.

A friend who went with her was also attacked by thugs allegedly hired by Mina and r*ped, after news of the rituals spread all over the city.

“Story story, once upon a time, there live a desperate girl in the city of port Harcourt, her name is Mimi Yina and she is a great fashion stylist who does not want to take life one step at a time but want to accumulate wealth overnight by cutting corners,” Gistlover wrote.

“She has a bestie in Port Harcourt and her name na Ese, they were so close and go everywhere together. They were doing their Mini runs in Port Harcourt then but na low grade runs, so money wasn’t coming in as expected. One very good day Mimi confided in her friend Ese that she got to know of a church where they can help them Catch big clients and all, she told Ese to follow her and off they went.

“On getting to the place, Ese saw that it’s an herbalist place, after several talks and exchange of pleasantries, Medlin brought out her brothers cap and that got Ese really scared. Long story short after they left there, Ese asked her what the cloth was for and she told Ese it was to get favour for the brother and all, and the matter end there.

“Not long after, Medlin brother fell ill and it was terrible, the illness was for a short while and before we know wetin dey sup, the story of her using her brother for rituals and fame was all over Port Harcourt, if you were in port Harcourt that year, you go Sabi this gist.

“Immediately the story leaked out, Medlin knew where the story came from. She arranged few area boys and off to her friend house, when them meet Ese, they r@ped her, then beat her blue black and warned her say no be everything wey eyes see mouth dey talk.

“The matter was messy then and police were looking for Medlin In Port Harcourt, this made her fled Port Harcourt that year, although after the ritual gist things no still better for Medlin but fame came in massively.

Medlin Boss Gist on SDK

Back in the day, Nigerian blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus SDK released the initial information on the Medlin Couture Boss.

Read Medlin Boss Gist on SDK below…

Medlin Couture Boss MIMI YINA’S House Warming Party + The Wicked Whispers Trailing Her Sudden Wealth by SDK

On Saturday February 8,2014 ,Mimi shocked her friends by unveiling  the above twin duplex’ and the house warming party was attended by all the politicians who matter in Port Harcourt…her friends and foes still have their mouth hanging open from shock….

Mimi Yina is in her early 30’s. She calls herself the Port Harcourt fashionista and owns the biggest shop in Port Harcourt called Medlin couture. 

Every girl and I mean EVERY GIRL in Port Harcourt goes to Medlin couture to shop.  

According top whispers ”Her shop used to be small  but early last year she rented two shops,renovated them and now it’s so massive that you will be shocked to find out its a young girl that owns the place.

As at early 2013, Mimi did not have a dime to her name and no one knows how she became so rich .

The gist which is everywhere is that she allegedly did something……the olofofos say that last year her brother visited her from the village and two days after he entered her house,he dropped dead and shortly after her good tidings started pouring in….

Such lies…..No one should believe stuff like this or even talk about it…..

Unfortunately for Mimi, the gist went viral because it was spread by her BFF as at that time…the BFF actress Eseoghene Brodericks did a viral job on spreading this gist in Port Harcourt and beyond.

The drama that followed this high class viral gossip is better imagined and what Mimi did to her best friend actress Eseoghene Brodericks could as well have been a scene from a movie .

”When Mimi heard what her BFF was spreading round, she mobilised and sent boys to beat the living daylights out of the actress….this beating was recorded and has been filed to ensure that the whispering does not continue.

LET ME EXPLAIN WELL…….Eseoghene Brodericks was allegedly stripped and the living daylights beaten outta her gossipy mouth. whatever else she went through was recorded and the story of how she was dealt with for spreading lies went viral in Port Harcourt late last year..After the beating,Ese packed her bags and relocated to Abuja,she ran with her legs touching the back of her head.

Mimi has recovered from the shock of the wicked gossip and seems to have unlimited fun these days ”All Mimi does is attend high profile parties in Nigeria and then globe trots shopping for Louis Vuitton ,Gucci,Channel….

*Success comes with lots of enemies right?Mimi’s constant show off on instagram might be part of the reason her friends are becoming her frenemies…..They whisper she has the ”chop alone virus…”

Do you want to hear all about the unbelievable high class birthday party which was like a carnival last year?………..gist for another day.

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