Many African Presidents Will Be Assassinated, Third World War Will Begin – Primate Ayodele

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has predicted a third world war.

This is as he warned that some African presidents would be assassinated.

Ayodele warned the Chairman of the Economic Community Of West African States, ECOWAS, President Bola Tinubu, that declaring war on the Niger Republic would lead to the assassination of many African presidents.

In a statement he signed, Primate Ayodele warned that no African country would be able to survive the heat if the war against the coup plotters began.

Ayodele said the attack against the Niger Republic would lead to the downfall of Tinubu’s government.

He explained that Nigeria doesn’t have the capacity to execute the war.

Ayodele warned that the United State, US, and NATO are only deceiving Nigeria and African nations.

Primate Ayodele further explained that a war on Niger Republic might lead to the emergence of third world war.

According to Ayodele: ‘’Interfering with the happenings in the Niger Republic will be the downfall of President Tinubu’s government.

“He must not try it because Nigeria doesn’t have the capacity, the chief of Army Staff must not approve it and the senate must also not try to approve it in the interest of Nigerian citizens.

“It will bring their government down because this will lead to a serious protest to end this government.

‘’Americans are deceiving us, NATO is deceiving us, and there is nothing they want to give us other than destroying Nigeria and Africa at large.

‘’No African country will survive the heat if the war against Niger Republic coupist successfully starts. The plan is to assassinate as many African presidents as possible. The war is more than what they think it is, it’s a way more serious.’’

✍️ Kacy Lee